Friday, February 23, 2007

Vets are perverts

We are in our new house! Hooray! After a long week of moving, painting and almost killing each other we are officially in our new slanty shanty. Jason is calling it a slanty shanty because the floor in the kitchen is a little slanted due to it settling and being an old house. I could care less but will enjoy rolling marbles on it in the near future........
The house is great, I will post photos as soon as I get everything unpacked and it looks habitable (which it is not right now, I'm lucky to find underwear in the morning). I am finishing up in Edmonton right now, working a couple days at the hospital and cleaning the old house. Boooo.

Bubba is with me and is helping out by shitting on the carpets once we clean them. Fucking dog.

Speaking of animals, we have accidetally adopted a cat. She was half starved and hanging out at
Stu's so he brought her to us so we now have a little outdoor kitty. I'm pretty sure she's kind of retarded, maybe inbred, but all the more reason to take her in. Retarded cats need love too.
Now this brings me to the title of this post...........Stu (being responsible) took the kitty to the vet to get her checked out. I guess the cat purred throughout the entire thing EVEN when the vet stuck a finger up her butt. Dirty kitty. Anyway, the vet then proceeded to explain all sorts of things about the cats labia to Stuart along with a visual presentation. Who does this??? Although I suppose I'll know who to ask if I ever find the need to explore my cats labia.

Point is the vet here is a pervert for sure and my cat is some sort of mentally challenged inbred that enjoys a little 'backdoor adventure'.

Ummm that's all for now, stay tuned for house pictures and info on our kick ass housewarming party (possible theme is leave your keys and pants at the door).

Penny and Jason

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