Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A lesson in morality

The Rosary is the weapon. This is a sticker that is stuck to our back door, I have decided to leave it there lest we forget and stray from God's path. The woman who sold us our house was really nice and happened to be a very devout catholic. Cool with us although we did find stickers that said 'Jesus' on the top of a bunch of doorframes.......

Anyway, today the internet guy came to hook up our internet and mentioned that there was some weird stuff downstairs. It turns out our sweet little Catholic was also a stront anti-abortionist, which I figured out by the anti-abortion picket signs in our basement. Hilarious. I thought the best thing to do was to take pictures of them, post them on the blog and then display them at our housewarming party.


Penny and Jason

Friday, February 23, 2007

Vets are perverts

We are in our new house! Hooray! After a long week of moving, painting and almost killing each other we are officially in our new slanty shanty. Jason is calling it a slanty shanty because the floor in the kitchen is a little slanted due to it settling and being an old house. I could care less but will enjoy rolling marbles on it in the near future........
The house is great, I will post photos as soon as I get everything unpacked and it looks habitable (which it is not right now, I'm lucky to find underwear in the morning). I am finishing up in Edmonton right now, working a couple days at the hospital and cleaning the old house. Boooo.

Bubba is with me and is helping out by shitting on the carpets once we clean them. Fucking dog.

Speaking of animals, we have accidetally adopted a cat. She was half starved and hanging out at
Stu's so he brought her to us so we now have a little outdoor kitty. I'm pretty sure she's kind of retarded, maybe inbred, but all the more reason to take her in. Retarded cats need love too.
Now this brings me to the title of this post...........Stu (being responsible) took the kitty to the vet to get her checked out. I guess the cat purred throughout the entire thing EVEN when the vet stuck a finger up her butt. Dirty kitty. Anyway, the vet then proceeded to explain all sorts of things about the cats labia to Stuart along with a visual presentation. Who does this??? Although I suppose I'll know who to ask if I ever find the need to explore my cats labia.

Point is the vet here is a pervert for sure and my cat is some sort of mentally challenged inbred that enjoys a little 'backdoor adventure'.

Ummm that's all for now, stay tuned for house pictures and info on our kick ass housewarming party (possible theme is leave your keys and pants at the door).

Penny and Jason

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Two thumbs up for sweatpants!

I feel the need to explain the title of our blog for those of you who have never been to Edson. In the last year or so I've noticed that a large population of Edsonites have introduced sweatpants to their daily out and about lives. In the grocery store, on main street and even sometimes in the bar I've noticed at least a few people decked out in their sweatpant finery. Not everyone would appreciate these little trend-setters who are walking around town in their raggedy old sweatpants with the saggy bum, but I sure do! Those of you that know me know that I have a hate-on for pants and would choose some sort of flannel, cotton, pajama type alternative to regular pants any day so I say "Good for you!" to the brave person willing to walk around in total comfortability despite their sweatpants being too small, too big or just worn out in all the wrong places. Combine this with the fact that I can wear scrubs to work and I'm looking at at least six out of seven pants free days a week. Pretty sweet.

Penny and Jason

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Happy New Years!!

We had our New Year's party last weekend, late but not forgotten. Thanks to Jenny and Derek who always throw awesome parties at which the rest of us get slobbering drunk.

I'm pretty sure I had a good time but since Jason was out of town I was channeling the spirit of the Gobert. Not entirely sure what this means but it did involve some dry humping while singing baaaaaad karoke.

Good times had by all - even the Fontaines who had to drive home at 6:00am so Jess could go to work. What a bunch of troopers.

Just a little sample of the fun to be had in the Edson area. By the way, official countdown is 28 days!
Penny and Jason