Friday, May 11, 2007

Fear and Loathing in Edson

Oops. Been a little while since I posted anything but we've been busy! Jason has been home for the last two weeks and has managed to build a fish pond, put up the hammock and build a fort out of cardboard boxes in the basement. Nothing too interesting unless you count our little night to Stockyards (the big club scene in Edson). Here's the scoop:
Jason, Stuart and I decide that we need a little night on the town, we started out at Castaway's hoping there might be some live music (there wasn't) so we skipped on down to Galloways and were entertained by the druken caterwauling of Edson locals (Karoke night), once we bored of this we headed down to the 'place to be on a Friday night' Stockyards. Since there are so many fights at this little joint they insist on scanning your license before you go in.......except me, I looked at the guy and said "Honestly, do I look like I'm going to start some shit here?" and apparently I don't look like the fighting type so he let me in without scanning. Afterwards we were confronted by a three hundred pound woman in a bikini top that informed us there was a $4.00 cover, we didn't mind but if there were ever an organization for cruelty to glowsticks we would have reported her.
Anyway, we get in the bar and I notice a couple girls walking around in bikinis, I assume it's some new slutty trend that I must have missed (meanwhile I'm walking around in a longsleeved shirt and embarrasing) until we see the bouncer with the water gun and suddenly it hits home, beach night! What a fantastic way to get a bunch of girls dressed in their scantily clads while you spray them with a water gun. Genius! That is until a renegade bouncer accidentally sprayed me on the arm, I almost jumped up and beat him with his water gun but he missed my hair so I let it slide (I did tell the guy at the front that I wasn't going to start any shit and so felt obilgated to behave). The rest of the night was pretty boring, I did manage to record some dance floor action on Stu's phone but it was pretty low quality so I didn't add it to the post.

We ended up staying until the bar closed and then staggered home, decided Stockyards was the lamest thing in Edson, vowed never to go back and fell asleep.

Today we are enjoying the more fun side of Edson by going fishing. I'm sure this will end badly so I promise to make another update soon. Also, I've finally joined the ranks of online friending and have started a facebook thingy. If you're part of facebook be my friend so I don't look so lame!

Penny and Jason